Quer colocar o estudo em pretica? O Stoodi tem exercisecios de Agreement and Disagreement dos maiores vestibulares do Brasil. Environmental officials from around the world met in Nairobi on Monday to discuss a new agreement under the Kyoto Protocol. The discussions, which are not expected to be reached for at least a few years, are partly aimed at subjecting major developing countries, such as China, India and Brazil, to emissions controls. – The chosen passage expresses an idea of: a) purpose. b) cause. c) place. d) time. (e) condition. 091 [UFSM 2002] Assinale a alternativa que melhor completa o sentido do perodo: There is great evidence of the benefits of yoga, some people still question this practice. (a) b) b) c) despite e) for 092 [UFSM 2002 – ADAPTED] O o oposto do termo destacado em „But according to clinical psychologist Simon Gelsthorpe at the Bradford Community Health Trust, there is not always a question of being alone at Bradford Community Health Trust“ (b) as a result of c) with respect to: d) in opposition. (e) regarding: 093 [FATEC 2002] A palavra „although“ em „Although many became ill the next day, some clients did not experience symptoms for several days“ indica uma relaéo de sentido de: a) tempo. b) explicaéo. c) conseq-enncia.

d) concesso. e) adversidade. 094 [UNIRIO 2002]Whether it spreads joy or alarm, the body shape trend is a boom that continues to grow. – The key password marker WHEN introduces a (a) result; b) the example; c) the state; (d) the comparison; (e) choice of alternatives. 095 [UNIRIO 2002 – ADAPTED] In the 1960s, only 200 golden naïve remained in the wild because of the destruction of their habitat, the Atlantic rain forest „Mata Atléntica“. – The key word „due to“ is illustrated in the text above: 048 [UECE 2007] At the Nairobi meeting, environmental officials discussed a new agreement that: a) regulates the emission of harmful gases in Western countries. b) will be achieved by 2009. c) to involve the largest developing countries. (d) will only be possible if India limits its coal consumption. 049 [JFS 2009] She was born in Scotland, but has been below it for 22 years. – According to the sentence above, she lived in: a) South America.

b) the Far East. c) Japan or China. (d) Australia or New Zealand. (e) Mexico and Costa Rica. 050 [JFS 2009] According to the cartoon data: from: www.nytimes.com 043 [UECE 2007] The International Energy Agency has urged oil-consuming countries a) to accept the requirements of the Kyoto Protocol. b) to reduce the use of coal. c) increased hydrocarbon emissions. (d) to reduce oil consumption. 044 [EUCE 2007] The potential 53% increase in global energy demand by 2030 is mainly related to: a) hydrocarbon consumption in industrialized countries. b) carbon dioxide emissions in India. (c) increased oil consumption in developing countries. (d) the use of gas for global warming in China.

045 [UECE 2007] According to the International Energy Agency, in 2009, the United States will be the largest producer of gas causing global warming.