SfTR reporting transactions: repurchase agreements (repos), equity loans, margin loans, sales/redemption transactions and collateral management transactions. 2. Sector bodies[1] have recently published a Combined Regulatory Reporting Agreement („MRRA“) on the delegated reporting of derivatives and SFTs under EMIR and SFTR. As noted above, an NFC is not required to submit relevant reports when performing an FTS with a CF, as they are submitted by the CF on behalf of the NFC. However, NFC-s that do not perform FTS with a CF must submit reports. Depending on the different configurations available, Interactive Brokers clients may not execute FTS with a FC and, therefore, Interactive Brokers offers a delegated reporting service to ensure that its clients can report all SECURITIES financing transactions they conduct. 3. SFTR contains additional legal protection for reporting delegates who are not included in EMIR. For example, SFTR states that an agent is not considered a violation of any legal or contractual restriction on the disclosure of information. This legal protection is not available to delegates when reporting under EMIR and probably shows that the authors of the URSR agreed on a widely held delegation.

Nordea is committed to using DTCC (EU) as our main TR for SFTR. For delegated notifications (see mandatory and voluntary delegation), the notification on the customer page of our transactions is also addressed to DTCC (EU). As a client of SFTs in the field of coverage, you should consider your choice of TR. For reasons of transparency and comparison, we advise you to use only a TR. Local SSPs receive data from TRs that you can verify and explain. For all but small ones, we recommend that customers board with a TR for SFTR and report it to your financial colleagues. Where an EEA counterparty to a transaction is subject to the reporting obligation for the CPR, it must transmit data electronically to the trade repository of its choice. You must provide HSBC with some of your company-specific data when boarding the service so that HSBC can complete the reports on your behalf.

SFTR allows a counterparty subject to the reporting obligation to delegate the notification to a third party. RMA has developed the following SFTR Reporting Delegation Agreement (RDA) as a model agreement that agent lenders can use to document the reporting services they can offer to clients subject to Section 4 of the Securities Financing Transactions (SFTR). For SFTR, as of 11 October, the buy-side is responsible for the declaration of alternative investment funds (AIFs) and the undertakings for collective investment in securities funds (UCITS) that manage them. As of January 11, 2021, companies will be responsible for reporting for their SMALLCs, which do not have the resources to have a regulatory reporting function. The EU Group launched a consultation on the subject on 14 August 2019 and the deadline for the submission of feedback is 23 August. . . .